Mist of the morning

Makes your mind clear.

Bend, but not snap

Winter breeze can freeze, bend and you shall not break.

From the whitenes to the skies

I may be be frozen, but I will prevail.

Let there be light

And the darkness will fail.

Shed the light on me

and I will become greater.

Reach out for the skies

and there's no limit where you can go.

What's behind is behind

it's the future that awaits and it is what you make of it.

Growing old

means getting to know yourself and the beauty inside of you.

Greatness comes in colors

and is in viewers eyes.

Beauty comes in many forms

some may look dazed, some clear, but all shapes and colors live together in harmony.

Light and shadows

those every day attributes, from the shadows to the light is path right.

That's what friends are for

If you have even one friend, you're rich. Friends won't let you snap.